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Investment Highlights

  • "Pure play" electro mobility: With its lithium-ion based batteries, Voltabox benefits from attractive megatrends around the vehicle electrification.

    Voltabox‘s battery systems are based on lithium-ion technology, a key element for substituting internal combustion engines and lead-acid batteries. This development is largely driven by heightened environmental awareness and other megatrends such as urbanisation, electrification and industry 4.0.

  • Attractive market positioning: Voltabox has established a promising starting position in its targeted industrial submarkets.

    The core business of Voltabox lies in advanced lithium-ion based battery systems for industrial use. These systems are used primarily in buses for local public transport, forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles, as well as in agricultural applications and construction vehicles. The company also develops and produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries for selected applications in the mass market. Here, the focus is currently on starter batteries for high-performance motorcycles, for example.

  • Pioneering product development: As a driver of disruptive lithium-ion technology, Voltabox aims to develop innovative technological solutions and establish them in the market.

    Voltabox is a pioneer in high-performance lithium-ion battery systems.The competitive edge over other technology comes mainly from its high energy density, greater safety, comparatively low production costs and generally attractive total cost-of-ownership calculation. The company secures its technological edge by emphasising research and development. Around one third of Voltabox's workforce is active in R&D. Voltabox sees itself as a technology partner to its customers.

  • Focus on sustainable growth: Following high growth rates in the past, Voltabox has adopted a new growth strategy: focus on its own strengths and exploit the resulting market opportunities in order to grow sustainably and healthily and participate in the dynamic development of the e-mobility megatrend.

    In the aftermath of a comprehensive restructuring, Voltabox is aiming to stabilize growth with a streamlined organization, a revised product portfolio and, in the future, a new ownership structure. To this end, the company has positioned itself robustly in all areas against the anticipated future challenges.

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